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Voice Lessons

Singing is among the most personal forms of expression. In order to thrive in voice lessons, a student must feel absolutely safe. In addition to instilling solid, sustainable technique, a voice teacher’s job is to create a nurturing environment that encourages students to take risks, experiment, and emote. Each student should be gently and skillfully guided to find a natural, full-bodied, expressive voice with healthy technique that adapts to any style.

The needs of a voice student differ vastly from person to person. Each lesson is designed to help the singer reach his or her goals, supported with healthy technique and truthful performance. In addition to mastering the technical nuances of singing, students are encouraged to use acting techniques to bring every song to life. The first part of each lesson is devoted to exercises that strengthen the voice and help to trouble-shoot technical challenges. The remainder of the lesson is dedicated to applying technique to material, coaching songs and finding new repertoire as needed.

The voice is produced using a network of muscles and requires regular practice to promote strength and agility. Many singers find that their greatest vocal epiphanies occur when practicing new techniques after a lesson. Students leave each lesson with a recording which should be used to practice technique and learn new songs. To reap the greatest benefits from vocal study, students should practice at least three times a week.