Private Voice And Piano Lessons
in Maplewood, New Jersey

Voice Lessons
Singing is among the most personal forms of expression. In order to thrive in voice lessons, a student must feel absolutely safe. In addition to instilling solid, sustainable technique, a voice teacher’s job is to create a nurturing environment that encourages students to take risks, experiment, and emote.
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Piano Lessons
It is amazing how far-reaching the benefits of piano study can be for young people. Studying music helps bolster a child’s math, reading, and critical thinking skills while developing creativity and discipline.
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Tuition & Policies
Sitting in on lessons: Parents are welcome to sit in on the first lesson to get a feel for teaching style, or if you feel your child is nervous and needs the support. However, in subsequent lessons, students tend to respond more effectively to instruction when parents are not present. In order to build the relationship between teacher and student, to keep the student focused, and to nurture the student’s initiative, parents are encouraged to drop children off rather than sit in.
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What is the right age for my child to begin piano or voice lessons? Do you teach adults? May I sit in on my child’s lessons? Can I pay by the lesson? What is the payment schedule?
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In The Studio

Lessons with Vanessa Parvin provide a safe environment for children and adults to explore a love of music while learning skills that translate to many different styles. Private instruction emphasizes combining solid technique with fun and self-expression.


Recital are held twice a year, allowing students to share what they have learned with family and friends. Performances take place in a variety of local venues.


Located in Maplewood, NJ, the studio welcomes voice students of all levels and piano students at a beginning level.


Vanessa has skillfully ignited
our daughter’s love of


to reach newly found levels of confidence and tone.
– Maria Breslin, Maplewood